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Buying Car Parts In the Philippines

Having trouble in repairing and finding parts for your car? Most people have problem with their car and take the car in the garage for repair. Others tend to save money by repairing their car themselves. They save a lot on labor and parts. But, the difficult part on this is finding a cheap car parts supplier or shop. It will take you a lot of time finding a good auto part shop for your damage auto part.

Why don’t you visit Banawe in Quezon city and see what’s on that street. Banawe has been the auto parts capital in the Philippines. You’ll find anything and everything with regards to car parts, where its mechanical parts, bumpers, headlights, tailights, surplus parts or car accessories.

There are over a hundred shops available on this street. They offer cheap car parts at relatively low price compare to other. banawe philippines car shops Buying Car Parts In the PhilippinesBut surely when you go to banawe, I suggest that you go directly to the shops and not from those people offering from the streets. They can be irritating sometimes that when you talk to one of them, they will all swarm over you. This is how these people work just to earn some money. But beware that some of these people try to sell stolen car auto parts. Yes, you heard it right, the parts are stolen from other person’s car and try to sell it to you. Also, be sure to check on your car ever now and then if you decide to park on these streets or else your car parts will be on shelf. LOL!

Here are some Car shops

Maizone Car Accessories
Address: 42-K Banawe St. Q.C
Phone: (02)731-9732

D’C-3 Audio and Accessories
Address: 385-E Banawe St., QC
Phone: (02)711-6994

Car Access
Address: 289-E Banawe Street, Quezon City
Phone: (02)743-0172

C-3 Audio and Accessories
Address: 37-I Banawe St., QC
Phone: (02)410-4379,(02)732-3613

Auto Friend
Address: 71-E Nicanor Roxas St., cor Banawe St., QC
Phone: (02)743-0488, (02)712-3396

Perfect Circle
Address: 90 Banawe St., QC
Phone: (02)711-3299, (02)712-1075

Address: #20 BANEWE ST. QC
Phone: 09183988597 – 7110131

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